Student Views


“I believe that this College offers great facilities, results and variety.  I believe that the vast majority of students strive to achieve the best of their abilities making it a fantastic place to learn and work.”



“It’s got a friendly atmosphere.  We welcome change and encourage new teachers to come here.”



“Working at Heathfield is brilliant the students and staff work really well together and there is a high level of respect.”



“The children want to work and the College atmosphere is like a team – we all work together.”



“A talented teacher would want to come here to contribute to our striving academic ability and help with moving forward into the future.”



“The staff are passionate about their jobs. Because of the teachers it makes me enjoy College.”



“Because it is amazing here!  I know that the students love it here so the teachers love what they are doing.”



“It is a College with great modern facilities, we are now using iPads unlike other colleges.”