Heathfield is proud of our vibrant, friendly and pro-active workforce. Visitors to our college repeatedly comment on our positive staffroom culture. We believe that happy staff make better staff, and therefore invest our time and resources to make this ambition a reality.​

As part of ensuring we are all able to give our best, we seek to prioritise the wellbeing of colleagues through continual review of our structures, practices and policies.

  • We ensure we remain focused on the things that will make a difference, regularly reviewing the aspects of our practise that we can remove or do differently to benefit our students and staff.
  • Our policies and practises including Feedback and Data collection are regularly streamlined and reviewed for efficacy.
  • Through discussion and feedback we seek to reduce and remove aspects of College life that impede or prevent effective working.​ This takes the form of regular staff voice meetings each term as well as short focused feedback on particular issues in staff briefings.
  • We give time to staff to focus on “The Main Thing” which we view as quality teaching and learning. This is achieved through timetabled Collaboration Teams who engage with research to develop their practise and CPL together, we also devote almost all CPL time to either Teaching and Learning input from our Staff led Pedagogy Team or to departments to develop subject specific pedagogy.

Our commitment to our wellbeing is frequently revisited from our 6pm wellbeing bell or in conjunction with the local businesses, a range of discounts and benefits developed to make life easier, all staff are encouraged to get involved in the #teacher5aday initiative or similar of their choice. We also have an established staff association at the college who work to promote the voice of the staffroom, running social events both in and outside the College. ​